The Different Types of Teeth Stains & How to Remove Teeth Stains

The Different Types of Teeth Stains & How to Remove Teeth Stains

There are several things that can cause tooth discolouration, but did you also know that there are different types of teeth stains. The treatment for tooth discolouration may vary depending on the type of staining you have. In this article, we look at the different types of teeth stains, what causes staining on teeth and how to remove teeth stains.


Types Of Teeth Stains

There are three types of teeth stains, including Extrinsic teeth stains, Intrinsic teeth stains and age-related teeth stains.


Extrinsic Teeth Stains

Extrinsic tooth discolouration can occur when the outer layer of the tooth, known as the enamel is stained by lifestyle and diet choices such as smoking and drinking coffee, wine, cola as well as consuming other foods and drinks. Extrinsic teeth stains show on the outside of the tooth and can cause a yellowish discolouration


Intrinsic Teeth Stains

Intrinsic tooth discolouration occurs when the inside of the tooth, also known as the dentin darkens or has a yellow tint. This can be caused by certain medications, trauma or injury to a tooth, tooth decay and the use of too much fluoride. Intrinsic teeth stains are much harder to remove as they are ingrained in the structure of the tooth.


Age-Related Teeth Stains

Age-related teeth stains are a combination of extrinsic and intrinsic causes. Not only can your teeth become stained over time from foods and drinks, but the dentin underneath the enamel can also naturally yellow. As you age the enamel, which is the outer layer of the tooth, gets thinner allowing the yellowed dentin underneath to show through.


What causes staining on teeth

There are many causes of discoloured teeth, some of which can be prevented and others which may be out of your control:

  • Foods and drinks such as coffee, tea, dark coloured fizzy drinks, red wine and dark coloured fruits such as blueberries can all cause teeth staining.
  • Smoking cigarettes and chewing tobacco can both cause teeth to become discoloured.
  • Poor dental hygiene, such as not brushing and flossing your teeth properly can cause a buildup of plaque and may cause the teeth to appear discoloured.
  • Sometimes medical treatments such as medications for high blood pressure, chemotherapy, antihistamines and some antipsychotic medications can cause teeth stains.


How to remove teeth stains

Brushing your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste for 2 minutes, as well as regular flossing can help prevent your teeth from staining. In addition, regular visits to your dentist will allow for a professional clean and polish as well as enabling your dentist to check the overall health of your mouth. 

However, the most effective way of removing teeth stains is to professionally have your teeth whitened. Teeth whitening is safe, effective and an extremely popular way of enhancing your smile and boosting your confidence. Teeth whitening will brighten the natural colour of your smile and is safely provided by your dental practice without damaging or removing the surface of the tooth.

Choosing to use an authorised dentist, such as Green Square Dental to whiten your teeth ensures the safe administration of the whitening solution, without causing harm to your teeth or gums. Whereas one-off over the counter whitening procedures are often too harsh on the teeth and can cause damage.

If you’re looking for an authorised dentist in Sheffield, Barnsley and surrounding areas to give you a brighter and whiter smile then why not give Green Square Dental a call on 01709 917 666 to book your consultation. 

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