Types of Tooth Whitening

‘It takes just 7 seconds for people to make their first impression’. Don’t let your smile let you down.

Tooth whitening is a simple and effective procedure to improve the overall colour of your natural teeth. The process is also cost-effective and non-destructive making it the perfect way to make you feel good about your smile and boost your confidence.

Types Of Whitening, The Facts!

1. In- Surgery Whitening (can be called ‘laser’ whitening)

This process involves a gel being applied to the teeth for an hour in surgery and (if a laser is being used) a light is then used to make your teeth even whiter than by using the whitening gel alone.

However, the issue with this is that the light doesn’t really improve the colour of the teeth any further than using the gel alone, it merely causes more dehydration of the teeth which gives the appearance of whiter teeth for 24 hours but when the teeth rehydrate, the colour of the teeth drop and therefore the ‘laser’ has no benefit to the process.

Over the last few years, the higher concentration gel which has been used for in-surgery whitening is no longer available. Therefore the current in-surgery gel is the same concentration as the tray-whitening gel and so has a limited impact in a 60-minute application. As a result, only a small amount of in-surgery and laser whitening in being carried out in the UK. Tray style whitening (as stated below) gives the same result with less sensitivity and is easier to top up with, in the future.

Despite a large number of beauticians and other clinics offering tooth whitening, it‘s illegal for anyone other than a dentist to provide it. This is to make sure that patients are well protected, that there are no adverse reactions to the gel and that you are suitable for the procedure. Patients should make sure they know who they are seeing and that they have the correct qualifications.

 2. Tray Whitening

Impression’s of your teeth are taken. Models are then cast and well-fitting, comfortable custom trays are made to fit your mouth. Following detailed instruction, you are then able to take your whitening trays and gel home. Each night you place gel into the tray and insert them over your teeth. You will sleep with the tray in place overnight. This process should be repeated each night. Over a period of approximately 14 days, your natural tooth shade lightens.

At Green Square Dental we use the tray whitening process.            


Any crowns, veneers or white fillings near the front of the mouth won’t change colour but they can be changed in surgery for a lighter colour if necessary following the whitening process.

One of the side-effects of whitening is that the teeth and gums can temporarily be sensitive. By having a few days off the whitening, the sensitivity will settle.

There is a misconception that you get a greater effect by using a much higher concentration of gel, however, research has shown that the higher concentration gel doesn’t make the teeth any whiter but does cause more sensitivity, as such at Green Square Dental we use 10% carbamide peroxide from a well known and respected company.

The shade of your natural teeth will drop over time and you will need to top up the whitening but unless your mouth changes significantly your whitening trays should still fit. By using gel in the trays for 1-2 nights every 6 months you can boost the shade again, ready for holidays or important photos.


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