Giving You a Reason
to Smile


The Conscious Sedation
Solution to Dental Anxiety

If you feel anxious about visiting the dentist, you’re not alone. Many patients find dental treatment to be intimidating. However, there’s no need for it to be this way.

Here at Green Square Dental, we provide the choice of sedation to alleviate any apprehension or discomfort associated with dental treatments.

When it comes to your health and your smile, it’s always personal. We understand the need to feel at ease, to communicate with, and understand you. That’s why you’ll find our team warm, open, and knowledgeable in this area.


What You Can Do

Meet the Team

If you’re feeling any unease about visiting the dentist, we encourage you to get in touch with us and schedule an appointment to meet your dentist. This is a great opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have. You can also familiarise yourself with our staff and practice.

Talk to Us

We are here to provide answers and explanations to any questions you may have about your upcoming appointment, as well as the details involved in your check-up or treatment with us.

Select a Stress-Free Appointment Time

To minimise stress, consider booking your appointment in the morning. This way, you can get it out of the way early and avoid spending the entire day worrying.

Bring a Companion

You may feel more at ease with a friend or family member by your side, please feel free to bring them along. We welcome their presence either in the appointment room or as a source of support in the waiting area.

Maintain Dental Health

If your fear is related to needing dental treatment, the best approach is to maintain good oral hygiene. Brush your teeth twice daily and floss regularly to reduce the risk of needing treatment in the first place.

IV Sedation FAQs

Intravenous means that the drug is given through a vein. An extremely thin needle is placed into a vein on the back of the hand or the arm. The needle is then removed leaving a soft plastic tube in place called a cannula. The sedation drug is given through this plastic tube. Throughout the procedure, your pulse and oxygen levels are measured using a “pulse oximeter”. This clips onto a finger and measures pulse and oxygen saturation.

Intravenous sedation does not make you go to sleep. You will feel drowsy and relaxed and will be able to understand and respond to requests from your dentist. Time will appear to pass very quickly and most people remember very little of the treatment afterwards. You may feel as if you have been to sleep. You will still have local anaesthetic (an injection in the mouth to numb your tooth to be treated), but this will not be given until you are sedated.

As you are not unconscious IV sedation is extremely safe. The potential risks of a general anaesthetic are avoided.