Tooth Whitening Case Study – Catherine’s Story

Tooth Whitening Case Study – Catherine’s Story

During a routine check-up, Catherine mentioned she was unhappy with the colour of her teeth. Having previously tried a home whitening kit a year prior the results were not as desired and only lasted a short period of time.

‘I started noticing a lot of people with bright white teeth. With this, I noticed the yellowing colour of my teeth and started to become self-conscious of it.’

It was decided the best option would be a two week home tray whitening kit. Impressions were made of Catherine’s teeth and were then sent away to create personalised dental moulds. Photos were then taken of the before colour – A2.

At appointment two the whitening trays were made by using the dental moulds to get the exact shape of Catherine’s teeth. The trays were then fitted and refined for a comfortable fit. Detailed instructions were then given on how to use the kit and a demonstration of how much gel should be applied. The trays need to be worn between 6 and 8 hours, so the ideal time is overnight. 

‘It feels slightly strange sleeping with the trays in for the first night or so but after the initial period, you get used to it.’

The results were reviewed after 2 weeks of whitening with excellent results. No tooth sensitivity was experienced during the whitening process. After photos were taken which showed the colour B1. The results will last up to 2 years and can be topped up with the remaining gel at any time.

‘I am really happy with the results, as I was starting to feel self-conscious of my yellowing teeth, I can now smile with confidence.’


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