5 Food and Drinks to Avoid to Keep Your Teeth White

5 Food and Drinks to Avoid to Keep Your Teeth White

White teeth can enhance your smile and boost confidence but keeping your teeth pearly white can prove a difficult task. As well as your normal dental routine (cleaning twice a day, regular flossing and dental checkups) diet can also play a big part in teeth colouring. Avoiding certain types of food and drink can help to prevent the dreaded grey and yellow staining. Here are our top 5 food and drink to avoid to help keep your teeth white.


1. Tea and coffee


Black or white, tea and coffee are two of the worst culprits for staining teeth and eroding your enamel. Whilst black tea is worse for staining, adding a little milk can slightly take the edge off. Using a straw can help to keep the liquid away from your teeth.



2. Red and white wine


Most people know the effects of red wine on your teeth as the remnants of its dark rich colour can often be seen on teeth after just one glass. But did you also know white wine is just as bad, while it doesn’t actually stain your teeth, it in fact even more acidic than red. Being acidic means they alter the pH balance in the mouth, making any acidic foods you eat afterwards prone to damaging your teeth much quicker.



3. Berries


Blueberries, blackberries, cherries and pomegranate, as well as other vibrant fruits, can stain easily teeth when eaten regularly. Both eaten whole and as juice.

To avoid staining drink water whilst eating and have a glass of milk or cheese afterwards to neutralize the acids. Or sticking to lighter coloured fruits such as white grapes and melon reduce chances of staining but do still contain acid which can weaken enamel.   



4. Curry


The spices used in curries have very strong colour pigmentations which can stain teeth over time. Therefore limiting the amount of curries you consume will help your teeth stay bright and white.  


5. Pasta sauce


Tomato-based sauces which are dark in colour are also known to stain if consumed regularly. Switch to light coloured cheesy/creamy sauces to minimize discolouration and consume tomato based sauces ‘every once in a while’.

A healthy diet avoiding these foods or taking the correct actions after eating these foods can help to keep your teeth white.  Another simple and effective way of whitening teeth is professional tooth whitening trays.


Tooth whitening at Green Square Dental

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