5 foods for a healthy mouth

You are what you eat when it comes to the health of your mouth. Your gums, teeth and mouth are the first point of contact in the digestion process so what you put in your mouth impacts not only your general health but also the health of your teeth and gums. In fact, according to the ADA, if your nutrition is poor, the first signs often show up in your mouth. Make sure you’re eating the best foods for your teeth and add these foods to your diet.



According to a study by the AGD, eating cheese can actually raise the pH of your mouth, reducing the level of acidity in your mouth and lowering your risk of tooth decay. Cheese is also a good source of calcium and a key nutrient for healthy bones and strengthening the enamel of teeth. Just remember to only eat a healthy amount of cheese along with a balanced diet.



Yoghurt is also full of calcium as well as being high in protein, vitamins and probiotics, which can enhance the gut microbiota. These help protect the bones, teeth and help prevent digestive problems. Like cheese, the calcium in yoghurt also strengthens the enamel of teeth. The best yoghurt for your dental health is plain and sugar free.


Leafy Greens

We all know how important vegetables are for a healthy balanced diet but they’re also great for a healthy mouth. Leafy green vegetables are full of fibre and water, which helps to clean your teeth. The motion of chewing leafy greens helps stimulate the production of saliva, which washes away harmful acids and food particles. Vegetables should make up a third of the food we eat each day so make sure you’re getting your 5 a day.



Carrots contain vitamin A, which is a key nutrient for keeping your gums healthy as well as keeping your teeth strong and hard. Crunchy vegetables like carrots make excellent natural toothbrushes and chewing carrots helps disturb and remove plaque. They also help to increase saliva production, which helps to clean and rinse your mouth. Try snacking on some raw carrots after your main meal to help remove plaque and keep your mouth fresh.



If dairy isn’t your thing, then why not try almonds as they are also full of calcium and protein while being low in sugar. Acidic foods and drinks can cause tooth erosion, so it’s important to put calcium-rich foods back into your diet to help your teeth stay strong and healthy. Why not try having a handful of almonds as a tasty and healthy snack.


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