8 ways to stop bad breath

Bad breath is fairly common and we have all fallen victim to it at some point or another, but that doesn’t make it any less embarrassing. Fortunately, there are more solutions for bad breath than there are causes. Read our top 8 bad breath prevention tips to help you feel more confident.


What causes bad breath?

The cause of bad breath could be a number of things and some are more serious than others, but the main causes are:

  • Eating or drinking strong-smelling or spicy foods such as coffee or chilli
  • Smoking
  • Problems with your teeth or gums, such as gum disease or an infection
  • Morning breath due to dry mouth
  • Some medical conditions, such as tonsillitis and acid reflux

How can I prevent bad breath?

Brush twice daily

It’s important to make sure you brush your teeth twice daily and thoroughly for 2 minutes using fluoride toothpaste. Cleaning away plaque and food debris will reduce the number of bacteria in your mouth, which is responsible for the bad breath.


Flossing in between your teeth will help remove any food debris that your toothbrush can’t reach. If the food debris isn’t removed, the bacteria will begin to feed on it, causing bad breath.


Using mouthwash can help fight germs and freshen your breath. However, if the problem is more serious, such as gum disease, then it may only mask the bad breath smell. In which case you should see your dentist. However drinking plenty of water can help keep bad smells at bay as being hydrated will help the production of saliva, which naturally rinses the mouth. 

Clean your tongue

Gently clean your tongue once a day with a tongue scraper or cleaner. Scraping your tongue can help remove any build-up of food debris, dead skin cells and bacteria. If your tongue does have a build-up, then it is likely due to dry mouth or poor oral hygiene so it’s important to make sure you are brushing and cleaning your mouth properly.

Quit smoking

We all know that smoking is bad for our health but it’s also one of the main causes of bad breath. Not only is tobacco quite smelly on its own but it can also cause dry mouth, which encourages bacteria growth, making it even smellier. The smell of tobacco can even linger after you have brushed your teeth.

Replace your toothbrush every 3 months

The bristles on your toothbrush can gradually become worn and damaged so it’s important to regularly replace your toothbrush. A newer toothbrush can remove plaque more effectively than an older one, therefore it is more effective at keeping your mouth fresh and clean.

Regular checkups with your dentist

Regular check-ups with your dentist are really important as they can help care for and advise you on caring for your teeth as well as spotting and treating more serious issues. If your bad breath is being caused by gum disease or infection then your dentist will be able to help.


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