Tooth Whitening Case Study – Catherine’s Story

During a routine check-up, Catherine mentioned she was unhappy with the colour of her teeth. Having previously tried a home whitening kit a year prior the results were not as desired and only lasted a short period of time.

Sometimes A Perfect Smile Isn’t Always What It Seems!

In some cases, people have had extensive dentistry over many years that can superficially look fairly good. Although it may appear to be a perfect smile, the foundations of the teeth may be crumbling, causing catastrophic failure or pain. As a result, it can sometimes be necessary to consider a more drastic approach and possible removal of a number of teeth.

Replacement of Dentures with Dental Implants

This lady had a number of spaces which were originally filled with a flexible denture. The denture (seen in the bottom right image below) was stable but she wanted to replace the denture with dental implants to improve the sensation in her mouth.