What is Considered a Dental Emergency?

What is Considered a Dental Emergency?

When we start experiencing aches and pains in our teeth and mouth, it’s easy to think we need to see a dentist right away. However, this is not always the case. A dental emergency is considered to be detrimental to your health and something that can get progressively worse if not treated. We need to take the necessary steps and precautions to get the right care, read below what is classed as a dental emergency and how to access emergency dentist appointments. 

The Classifications of Dental Emergency 

The NHS splits dental emergencies into three categories:

  • Those requiring emergency dental treatment as it can cause serious medical complications 
  • Those requiring unscheduled emergency dental work due to severe pain 
  • Non-urgent cases that can access OOH services, including patients that have issues but are not in pain or hospital referral letters

How do I Know if my Tooth is an Emergency? 

See the information on classifications on whether you need access to emergency care or which type of emergency care you need for the severity. You can also ring your current registered dentist or phone 111 to get more information and advice on the level of urgent dental care you need. This may not always be obvious to an individual when they’re in pain, so seeking advice is best.

There’s also the option of searching for an emergency dentist online in your local area. Often, you will not need an NHS referral to access these appointments and services, but this does mean that it could come at a cost out of the NHS band system. If you are sourcing your own appointment, please check with your chosen provider the details of your appointment before agreeing to go ahead.

Here at Green Square Dental, we offer emergency dentist appointments for mostly the South Yorkshire area, including Rotherham, Sheffield, Barnsley, Doncaster and more.  

What Severity of Tooth Pain Requires an Emergency Dental Appointment? 

If you are in severe discomfort and pain, please contact a dental medical provider that can advise you on your symptoms. Regardless if it has gone away or subsided slightly, there will often be an underlying issue that is best to get checked before the pain reoccurs or potentially turns into something more severe over time. By actioning quickly and getting to the root of the problem, you will know what is wrong, what dental work needs to be done and the timescale this will take. Often your GP cannot advise on dental issues and you will need to go to a dental practice for this information and care. 

Do I Have to be Registered With a Dentist to Receive Emergency Care? 

No, you don’t need to be registered with a dentist to get an emergency dental appointment. However, if you are registered with a dentist, they will often save capacity per day or week to allocate time for emergency cases. You will need to check with your registered dentist for their emergency appointment protocol on how to book one. 

You can always contact the NHS dental helpline from 111 or search in your local area for private dentists that have emergency dentist appointments. 

Can I go to A&E for a Toothache? 

Yes, you can go to A&E for toothache, however, it has to be a serious emergency to access care through this service. A&E should not be used for a toothache that doesn’t require urgent medical care and one that a dental practice can sort in an emergency appointment. 

The NHS states these are likely situations for A&E care: uncontrollable dental haemorrhage following extractions, rapidly increasing swelling around the throat or eye and trauma confined to the dental arches.

How to Get an Emergency Dental Appointment

The steps you should take if you require an emergency dentist appointment are the following:

  • If you have a dentist currently, call the practice to see if they can schedule an appointment
  • Call the NHS 111 helpline to see if you can get a referral and appointment booked in
  • Research and call dentists in your area to see if they have the capacity and can fit you in for an appointment 

Contact us for an Emergency Dental Appointment 

If you are experiencing tooth pain and discomfort, it is advised to seek medical advice or care as soon as possible, particularly if you cannot determine the cause such as a lost filling or crown. You want to get it sorted promptly to ease the pain and treat the problem causing this. Read our 5 signs you might need an emergency dentist

If you have any dental concerns, the expert team at Green Square Dental is on hand to help you with your needs. Please contact us if you require an emergency dental appointment in South Yorkshire, including Rotherham, Sheffield, Barnsley, Doncaster and surrounding areas. We will always do our best to accommodate. 

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