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How important is flossing your teeth?

13th September 2019

We understand that at the end of a busy day, spending the time to floss your teeth might not be at the top of your to do list, but if you’re one of our existing patients, you’ve probably heard us say that you need to both brush and floss your teeth twice daily. But how important actually is dental flossing? Let’s take a look.


Is brushing my teeth alone enough?

You may think that brushing your teeth is sufficient at removing plaque and bacteria from your teeth and gums, but brushing alone can’t remove the bacteria from in between your teeth. 

Imagine that each tooth has 5 sides including the four sides and top. If you are only brushing then you are leaving two sides unclean. The plaque that is in between your teeth can eventually cause cavities and gum disease if not cleaned. 

The longer you leave these areas of your teeth unclean the harder the plaque will be to remove and can lead to oral health problems further down the line.

Regular flossing can also help reduce bad breath by removing plaque that forms along the gum line. So all in all dental floss can help keep your smile clean and fresh.


Choosing the right dental floss

There are three different types of dental floss, including:

How to use dental floss and dental tape?

How to use interdental brushes?

What if my gums bleed?

When you first start using dental floss or interdental brushes you gums may bleed slightly as you start to get rid of the plaque build up but the bleeding should stop within a few days as your gums become healthier. However if the bleeding continues be sure to speak to your dentist to make sure you are flossing correctly.

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