How To Keep Your Children’s Teeth Healthy

How To Keep Your Children’s Teeth Healthy

It’s important to start healthy habits and look after your teeth from an early age. This helps children get into a good routine with their oral health that will transpire into adulthood. We understand it’s not always as easy as it seems to do this, so here are our top 5 tips on how to keep your children’s teeth as healthy as possible!

1. Regular Dentist Visits

There is always a debate about when your child should see a dentist, but we recommend it as soon as possible. When your child’s first tooth appears, that’s when you should start a brushing routine and therefore, it’s important to start seeing your dentist too.

Whilst there may not be any major issues at the beginning that will impact their developing teeth, it will create healthy habits and a good routine.

2. Be Transparent With Information

As we have stressed the importance of going to a dentist, it is also important that we are as transparent as possible with information surrounding the check-ups. Explaining to your child the process of visiting a dentist will alleviate any worries they may have surrounding the visit.

Having a positive outlook on dental check-ups is vital. We would recommend reinforcing the step-by-step of what your child can expect each time they visit, so they have a better understanding of what, why and how. They will also feel more confident and involved in the appointment and hopefully will take away any nervousness.

It is also a good idea to go through in more detail any more processes that may occur with their teeth, such as when they begin to lose baby teeth. Explain that this is going to happen, and it is normal for their baby teeth to become loose and eventually fall out for their new ones to grow. As we know, rewards also help this process (like the tooth fairy)!

Teach Children How to Brush Properly

Regular brushing, both morning and night, is just as important in childhood. It is reported from YouGov that:

“Three in ten Brits (29%) say that they only brush their teeth on one occasion each day.”

Over time, bad habits can eventually lead to dental problems, so it’s key to create these habits early on and teach children how to look after their teeth.

Useful Brushing Tips

  • Choose a good toothbrush that is right for you and remember to swap it out every few months to prevent bacteria build-up.
  • Brush your teeth for 2 minutes at a 45-degree angle if possible.
  • Apply slight pressure but avoid hard brushing as this can damage your teeth and gums.

Sharing this knowledge with your children will help their oral routine in the immediate and long term.

4. Avoid Harmful Foods

It’s no secret that some foods can be damaging to your oral health. You should avoid giving your child a lot of sugary or acidic food or drinks as this can damage the enamel. Eventually, this can weaken the teeth and over time, can create cavities (holes in the teeth) that will need filling.

What to avoid? Sweets, chocolate, and high-sugar drinks like juice or fizzy drinks. Obviously, it’s not possible to avoid them completely, so incorporate them into a balanced diet and ensure your child has brushed their teeth afterward.

5. Consider Sealants

Sealants are an effective preventative treatment and can be easily applied. It is a resin that is bonded to the teeth to protect the enamel from breaking down. This is usually in the parts of the teeth that are more at risk of wearing down to create grooves and holes in the teeth.

The thin coating is often applied to the molars (back teeth) as this is the most at risk part to breakdown due to chewing, grinding and bacteria in the teeth. Sealants are a preventative measure and a protective layer that can be beneficial to protecting your child’s teeth.

Want to know more information? Our experts can help you and your family maintain good oral hygiene. Get in touch to know more!

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