The benefits of private dentistry and can I afford it?

The benefits of private dentistry and can I afford it?

Why should I go private?

With waiting lists for an NHS dentist at capacity, securing an appointment can be challenging especially if you are needing emergency treatment. As a result of this, many people have delayed dental treatment or in extreme cases are tackling their dental issue themselves with ‘at home dental kits’ resulting in desperate outcomes.

Finding an NHS dentist is becoming increasingly difficult as practices are at full capacity and with lengthy waiting lists. Although NHS dental care is cheaper, it generally only covers treatments that are essential for your oral health. As a result of this, more popular cosmetic dental treatments would not be covered.

Opting for private dentistry over NHS can provide many benefits. At Green Square Dental & Implant Centre we have invested in technology and equipment that can lead to more accurate diagnosis and better outcomes for treatment. We have attracted dental clinicians who are extremely experienced in their desired field of work and most importantly, we invest in our team’s knowledge providing up to date training each year to ensure we are all providing the best possible care.

As a private dental practice, we offer a full range of comprehensive treatments including teeth straightening with Invisalign®, oral surgery and implant placement. We provide time! Easy access to appointments by opening 6 days a week, shorter wait times and more time with your clinician. Time with your clinician is important so that you can discuss your oral health and any changes you wish to make to your smile. Time with your Hygiene therapist will enable us to discuss your brushing techniques and hygiene requirements preventing oral health issues.


How can I afford private dentistry?

It would be fair to assume that most people would feel that private dentistry is out of their reach in terms of affordability. However, at Green Square Dental & Implant Centre we are offering membership plans from as little as £14 a month*.

Membership plans enable patients to budget for their general dental care. A general plan of one exam and one hygiene appointment a year starts from as little as £14 per month*. By paying monthly, patients can budget in advance relieving the pressure of waiting for payday.

The membership also entitles you to 10% discount off any further treatment that may be required, free emergency appointments, redundancy cover and worldwide insurance.

The membership encourages regular attendance with your dental clinician. This prevents the need for more invasive treatment such as fillings and extractions. In addition to the plan, we have partnered with a finance company to be able to offer 0% finance** on any further treatment that may be required.

At Green Square Dental & Implant Centre we are committed to helping you access dental treatment.

*Prices correct 2024. Membership plans are prescribed by your clinician based on your oral health requirements.

** Subject to credit

If you are looking for a private dental practice that provides comprehensive and affordable dental treatments, please get in touch with us by following the link below…

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