Improving Your Smile Doesn’t Have to be Extensive and Costly

Improving Your Smile Doesn’t Have to be Extensive and Costly

Many people have the assumption that improving their smile is expensive and complicated. Every case is different but this isn’t necessarily always true. In addition, the treatment doesn’t need to cause any damage to the natural teeth. I’d like to introduce you to a patient that has recently been to the practice and is now very happy with the final result.

The patient disliked the gap between his front 2 teeth. He wanted to try and fill the spaces and was initially considering veneers. There are a number of options in this situation, however having discussed these, we opted to improve the colour of his natural teeth by tooth whitening and then use composite bonding to change the shape of the teeth in order to fill the gap.

Tooth whitening is a simple and effective way of whitening teeth. The procedure involves wearing custom-made trays in the mouth. The specific gel is placed inside the trays and is worn overnight for approximately 14 nights. Within this time the colour of the teeth will improve.

Following the tooth whitening, we spent the time to bond composite (white filling material) to the surface of the teeth to change their shape. Although it was possible to close the space fully, this would have made the front teeth look too wide. Therefore, we left a small space that gives a better proportion to the front teeth and still retains some character within the smile.

Although not everyone is suitable for this technique in this situation the result is fantastic and the patient is very happy.

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